Virginia Professional Communicators

Reasons to Attend

Reasons to Attend

on Apr 26, 2017 in News

#10 Connect with your peers. Spending time with your professional peers from across the state is one of the biggest benefits of attending a conference. You’ll have multiple opportunities to make meaningful connections and learn from your colleagues. Among the opportunities are shopping in Carytown and dinner at The Daily on April 27, a networking game during the conference and dinner at Travinia on April 28.

#9 Update your skills. Learn the latest updates to Associated Press style and how to protect your computer from cybercrimes and hacking.

#8 Learn from members. VPC member Ilsa Loeser was on the front line during the national vice presidential debate in Longwood. She’ll tell you the good and the bad of what she learned from the experience.

#7 Energize yourself. Surrounding yourself with others who are doing what you do provides you with an opportunity to learn something new and hear from others who face similar challenges. You also can learn about their successes and how you might implement something similar.

#6 Be inspired. We’ll announce our Communicator of Achievement. The honor is bestowed on a member for her achievements in the communications field, service to VPC and the community.

#5 Be inspired again! We’ll announce our Newsmaker of the Year. This honor is given to a nominee who has made significant news in the past year or throughout their career.

#4 Enjoy beautiful scenery. The conference will be held at the University of Richmond overlooking Westhampton Lake. Arrive early or stay afterward and take a leisurely stroll around the lake. See if you can spot the heron, ring-necked ducks, geese or mallards.

#3 Reflect. Sometimes it takes leaving the office to gain a fresh perspective. What better way to do so than while attending a conference in a beautiful setting.

#2 Reconnect with friends. One of the benefits of VPC membership is how quickly members become friends. Sometimes the distance across the state is a bit much to travel, but conferences often become homecomings.

#1 Celebrate yourself! Did one of your entries win in the communications contest? If so, now is the time to celebrate. And if you didn’t enter (or win) why not celebrate with your peers? Who doesn’t love a party?!