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Statement to the President of the United States

Statement to the President of the United States

on Sep 11, 2017 in News

The National Federation of Press Women, holding its 2017 Communications Conference in Birmingham, Ala., issues the following statement:

The National Federation of Press Women has watched with dismay as President Donald Trump has consistently demeaned and demonstrated contempt for the role of the press. He has made his anti-media position very clear, routinely labeling the media as “the most dishonest human beings on earth” and “scum” who are responsible for “fake news.” He has made false accusations against journalists who he sees as not advancing his interests and has not discouraged but encouraged attacks on journalists by his supporters to the point of putting journalists at risk for violence. The President has made it clear he is anti-freedom of the press. His disregard for a constitutional free press and his betrayal of First Amendment values are against all that NFPW and its First Amendment Network stand for. An informed citizenry provided by a free press is essential to the preservation of democracy.

NFPW President Marsha Hoffman

First Amendment Network Co-Directors Marsha Shuler and Angela Smith